R+A is Different.

R+A is a multi-service ideas and solutions firm with a concentration in design and problem solving through architecture, interiors, planning and real estate. We use this umbrella description not because we hope to expand our qualifications beyond traditional realms of practice, but because we believe our diverse skill sets can be applied to benefit a greater need all while maintaining the qualities and integrity in which we believe.

Our professional team approaches all opportunities with a primary objective of serving as an educated and resourceful partner to our clients. The Firm is goal-oriented and aims to provide value added services starting with the core objective of helping clients make informed decisions.

We will help establish the voice and vision of a project and work to build consensus on the “big idea” among the project team. R+A provides client-specific solutions that are rooted in client needs, project strategy, timeline and budget. Our solutions emerge from an evolutionary process of collaboration while encouraging both the client and our team to look beyond the present task and try to solve for the future as well. These services are provided through a process of critical problem-solving, thorough analysis of programmatic and scope issues, and innovation in architectural and technical design.

R+A has experience in numerous architectural and development markets. Client market sectors have included: K-12 education, mixed-use office retail development, corporate office interiors, multi-family residential, institutional and private club architecture and interiors, as well as the entitlement process for land development.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Meade