At R+A, we take an immersive dive into your organizational structure and culture to help you establish a clear vision for your project.  We collaboratively help you define your needs, wants and “what if’s” that will serve your organization in the immediate and long term future.

Our goal is to align your business and operational goals with your real estate needs, while delivering exceptional architectural designs and creative solutions. It is an intuitive design process that encourages exploration and is filled with asking the hard questions from concept through delivery. At the end, your project and organization has an architectural design that supports your daily operations and solves your vision, goals and objectives. 

Strategic Planning + Programming

Property Assessment, Program of Needs, Strategic Programming, Master Planning, Facility Planning, Capital Initiatives, Consensus-Building + Messaging, LEED Integration

Architectural | Interior Design Services

Architecture, Interiors, Site Utilization, Landscape, Space Planning, Creative Services, LEED Project Administration

Collaboration Development

Partner Identification and Qualification, Shared Utilization, Integrated Resources, Collaborative Services, Integrated Programming, Cooperative Funding, Consensus-Building + Messaging

Real Estate Solutions

Design Due Diligence, Capital X Budget Process, Acquisition Team Support, Research + Analysis, Site Selection, Planning, Budgeting, Collaboration, Capital Initiatives, Entitlement, Property Assessment

Execution + Oversight

Project Management, Contract Administration, Owners Representation, Permitting, LEED Project Administration