Collaboration Development / by Eric Risinger

R+A believes that collaboration is critical to project success.


R+A believes in collaboration in our work model as well as our practice model for our clients.  We believe collaboration as key process and opportunity to accomplish goals and objectives as a collective effort rather than a singular effort.  Our work in our collaborative process for our clients generates greater potentialand potential outcome.  We help our clients qualify, formulate, generate and implement their specific projects in our collaboration model.

Template For Collaboration

  1. Partners Must Be Flexible
  2. Partners Must Be Dynamic + Entrepreneurial Throughout Process + Actions
  3. Partners Must Contribute A Key, Dynamic Leader To The Process
  4. Partners Must Advocate + Champion The Collaboration Goals, Processes + End Results

Collaboration Drivers

  1. Self Interest + Need Drive Each Partner To The Table
  2. Recognition That What Each Partner Offers Is As Valuable As What Each Partner Wants
  3. Partner-To-Partner Strength + Personal Relationships Provides Accountability
  4. Flexibility Without Feeling Compromised By The Process Or Another Partner
  5. Partner Internal Team + Constituent Support

Collaboration Rules Of Engagement

  1. Each Partner Must Be Qualified In Terms Of The Collaboration Template
  2. Self-Interests Cannot Be Diluted Or Unrecognizable
  3. Deliver Partner Promises
  4. Unwavering Dedication To The Collaboration
  5. The Path To Successful Goals Is Unpredictable
  6. Keep Each Partner Team Informed On Conclusive Progress Towards Self-Interests
  7. Each Partner Must Be Able To Lean In To Resistance For Effective Solutions