Creating A Campaign Language / by Eric Risinger

My Vote // Our Community

In 2008, economic conditions provided a challenging environment for Wadsworth City
Schools (WCS) to seek capital funding. The Wadsworth community had a historical need for new facilities and resources, but had been unsuccessful in repeated attempts to pass funding measures. The new Wadsworth High School + Community Center project was dependent on voter support from the full community constituent base.

As part of the strategic planning process, shared, multi-use and tenant space solutions
were identified as key components of the Wadsworth High School project, allowing for a deepened strategic partnership between WCS and the City of Wadsworth for additional service + program offerings.

The resulting project scope provided increased value + services for all
community constituents including young adults and couples, middle-aged singles and
couples, children, and seniors, whether healthy, infirm or active.

R+A recognized the need for a single, united, public communication platform + strategy. R+A
provided a creative services solution that included a campaign slogan, messaging + talking
points, graphics for yard signs + presentations, and unique icons that conveyed a
consistent message. Unified communications established an approachable framework for
expressing complex issues in a powerful, simple format.

Additionally, R+A provided support, training + presentation structure to a range of
community leaders in preparation for community + outreach discussions.
Project funding was approved by the Wadsworth community on the first vote, November 4,
2008, during the most challenging economic time in recent history.